Westchester County Mediated Divorces

When a couple in Westchester County, New York believes that their marriage should end, they often consider divorce. However, divorce is just a blanket term because there are several different options for getting divorced. Some couples that are starting to think about the divorce process are willing to work together towards the common goal of amicably ending their marriage. In a situation like this, they may want to consider the process of a mediated divorce.

Mediated divorces allow the couple to stay out of the courtroom and handle the divorce proceedings in a conference room with just the couple, their attorneys, and an experienced, neutral mediator. The mediator will guide the couple through any contested issues that they may still have in the divorce and help them come to a peaceful resolution on the matter. Mediation requires a couple to have good communication skills and to set aside their differences to get the divorce done quickly and fairly. If a couple can work together, they may be able to reap some of the benefits of a mediated divorce such as:

  • The mediated divorce being quicker and less expensive than a litigated divorce
  • Being able to take control over the decisions made in divorce instead of having a judge decide for them
  • Walking away with a more amicable post-divorce relationship

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