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Adoption is a wonderful act one can bestow on a child who needs a home. There are countless children who need loving homes. There are many parents who want children. Our firm can bring those two factors together. We successfully unite families and make adoption come true for our New York clients. There are countless other reasons for people to choose adoption as well, including stepparents and grandparents that have taken a parental role in a child’s life. These situations and many others may call for people to go through adult adoptions. When considering the issues of adoption, there are many factors that can impact the future. Penichet & Alberga LLP has been an advocate for families looking to grow for the past 100 years. Our compassionate adoption attorneys know what it takes to ease our clients through the process and achieve their goals. If you need a dedicated attorney to help you achieve your dreams, contact our offices in White Plains. 

New York adoptions

Families hoping to open their hearts to another in need are just some of the adoption issues people face. There are many instances of people who act as a guardian for a child for a long time and they wish to legally adopt the child and make the relationship official. There are other instances where a stepparent wishes to solidify the relationship with their spouse’s child. When a grandparent acts as guardian to a child, they may choose adoption to protect the child from legal action. Penichet & Alberga LLP helps these individuals and more. The firm represents adoptive parents and birth parents facing adoption matters, including:

  • Adult adoptions
  • Domestic adoption
  • International adoption
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Second-parent adoptions
  • Private adoptions

Penichet & Alberga LLP is ready to guide you through the steps of adoption. When legal matters arise, our firm is here to help. Some legal issues include disputes with the divorced or estranged biological parent, a parent who has been incarcerated or institutionalized, or a biological parent requesting the court’s intervention to get the child custody after a long period of time. It is important to have a passionate and effective legal team on your side when faced with such problems.

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Penichet & Alberga LLP is widely known for its track record of success. Our firm has over 100 years of experience and knowledge guiding families and individuals through adoption and legal issues as a result of adoption. We are proud to be a legal resource for the people of Westchester County and New York facing adoption matters. We are honored to assist clients hoping to open their lives to those who need a loving home. If you are looking for more information about adoption or need a law firm to represent your interests in and out of court, contact us by email or call us at 914-806-6675 for a consultation.