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Penichet & Alberga LLP has over 100 years of combined experience guiding families and individuals through a variety of family law matters. Families face many legal issues, especially through the divorce process. These can include child support, child custody, child visitation, domestic violence, and more. Families can be faced with countless other issues, including prenuptial agreements, relocation, and adoption, just to name a few examples. If you need a widely respected law firm to represent your interests and fight for your rights, contact Penichet & Alberga LLP With a history of success and excellence, we are the firm for you. Contact us for a consultation.

Child Custody

Divorce and separation are complicated and emotional. When children are involved, the topic of child custody can be a heated and contested matter. One of the parents may believe that they deserve additional rights to the child because they see them more while the other works to support the family. This is not the case. Both parents have equal footing in court regarding child custody.

Child Support

Parents in New York State are obligated to support their children until the age of 21. New York courts have the authority to mandate parents to follow a support structure in times of divorce, separation, and other legal matters. The New York State Child Support Guidelines determine what is fair and just to parents and the child.

Child Visitation

Divorce is a serious matter that can impact the whole family. When children are involved in a divorce matter, their lives can be devastated by the outcome. Each parent works to protect their relationship with the child. When one parent has sole custody, child visitation can become an issue that must be addressed in court.


Unfortunately, divorce can have a certain negative impact on the family. Child custody matters are complex and emotional for all involved. Relocation can be one of the hardest things for a family to address. When both parents have worked so hard to establish continuing positive relationships, the idea that a child may not live in the house every night can be too much for some. The idea that the custodial parent would move away with the child can be unbearable.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a major issue in New York and all across the United States. New York has implemented laws to immediately help victims of domestic violence in order to prevent serious consequences. The Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act of 1994 revolutionized the way New York handles domestic violence.

CPS/ACS Matters

Child neglect and abuse continue to be a real problem in the United States. New York is proactive and aggressive towards any allegation of child abuse or neglect. Those who see signs of neglect or abuse often report their findings to the authorities, including Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Administration far Children’s Services (ACS), even if there is nothing to support it.


Adoption is a wonderful act one can bestow on a child who needs a home. There are countless children who need loving homes. There are many parents who want children. Our firm can bring those two factors together. We successfully unite families and make adoption come true for our New York clients. There are countless other reasons for people to choose adoption as well, including stepparents and grandparents that have taken a parental role in a child’s life.

Prenuptial Agreements

Protecting assets from an unknown future seems alien to many people who just proposed to their loved one. The fact is that over 50 percent of marriage end in divorce. When people consider prenuptial and postnuptial agreements only for the untrusting and untrustworthy, they are doing themselves a serious disservice. When you take the money out of the equation, a couple can focus on the lasting relationship they are about to embark on.


At the end of any family law matter heard in court or agreed to outside of litigation, the judge will issue an order that each party will be legally obligated to follow. Some of the many issues a judge may decide include child support, spousal maintenance, child custody and visitation. If a person was to defy the ruling handed down by a judge, they could face some serious consequences. This does not mean that the judge’s say is set in stone. Court’s are open to hearing requests for modification based on these issues.

Enforcement Orders

At the end of a divorce or family law matter, the court will issue an order to be followed by the parties engaged in the case. These orders are legally binding and come with consequences when not followed. Courts will issue orders for a variety of matters, including but not limited to spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, child visitation, property distribution, relocation.

Family Court

The family courts of New York State hear cases and take action in the lives of children, parents, and spouses. The Family Court Act implemented a singular court system to take on cases related to the family. The Act also gave this system the authority to enforce and modify judgments when necessary. There are a few differences and similarities to other courts in the Unified Court System.

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