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When a marriage ends with emotions running high and issues unresolved, a couple can easily find themselves engaged in a contested divorce. Divorces can be contested and uncontested. When a couple can agree on all issues related to their marriage, they may be able to complete the process and move on quickly. This is not always the case and topics like:

can easily send a couple to a contested divorce, sometimes over just one issue. If one party was to cite fault grounds, the divorce process can be contested before even getting to the real issues of the marriage. Contested divorces can lead to litigation that can be costly and time-consuming. If you need quality legal services from an experienced and effective law firm, contact Penichet & Alberga LLP.

How does spousal maintenance lead to a contested divorce?

Divorces can be contested on many issues related to the marriage. Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, can easily land a couple in court. When one spouse believes that they have worked harder for the financial success of the family and the other believes that they have deferred life goals or set their priorities aside to take care of the home or family, their opinions may differ as to the obligation of one to support the other. In many cases, these people will have a judge decide on the matter.

How does property distribution lead to a contested divorce?

One of the most contested divorce topics is the division of assets. Similar to spousal maintenance, the couple may disagree to how their assets should be divided. Sometimes, the parties disagree to the contribution of the other to the marriage and feel entitled to more of the marital assets. In some cases, one spouse may have an emotional tie to a certain asset. When opinions differ and a couple cannot come to terms over how property should be distributed, they may engage in a contested divorce.

How does child custody lead to a contested divorce?

Child custody is one of the hardest topics for a couple to agree to terms over. Unfortunately, when most couples divorce, they will have to come to the realization that their child may not live with them every night. Each parent has worked to establish a continuing and positive relationship with their kin. The idea that one parent will most likely be awarded physical custody can be too much for some. With both parties fighting for the right to physical custody, they can find themselves in court over the issue.


How does child support lead to a contested divorce?

Child support is an easily contested matter. Especially in cases when the topic of custody didn’t go the way one of the parties hoped for, child support can be a contested issue. Sometimes, if sole custody is awarded and the noncustodial parent is so distraught that they believe that they shouldn’t be responsible for supporting a child they hardly see. The state disagrees and the court will make a decision in the best interests of the child affected by the divorce and work to maintain his or her quality of life.

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