Unfortunately, approximately a third of all first marriage and nearly half of all second and third marriages will end in divorce. So, a prenuptial agreement may not only be practical but necessary. According to Forbes, a prenuptial agreement gives the couples a lot of freedom to divide their assets and set several rules for their impending marriage. 

You are probably asking yourself: why would someone choose to use a prenuptial agreement? Well, because without one, your assets will be divided according to your state’s laws. With a prenuptial agreement, you are the one to choose how your assets will be divided. There are some basic rules that you should know when drafting and signing your prenuptial agreement. 

To avoid cases of intimidation or duress, the time between the signing of the agreement and the wedding should be substantial. Second, each of you should work with an autonomous and non-partisan counsel. Finally, a couple must demonstrate fairness when creating a prenuptial agreement. 

Dealing with the financial support of children could be one of the most difficult provisions when preparing your agreement. You also have the option of including so-called lifestyle clauses. This may include any non-financial understanding that you wish to document before the marriage. You should note that the courts may not enforce what they believe to be frivolous provisions. For example, a provision that requires that one spouse not gain weight will probably be ignored. On the other hand, an agreement between the parties that their current or future children be raised in a certain religion may be considered.