You may be living in the city of New York and may get worried about the divorce processes involved when you want to divorce your partner. Divorce is a process that is both emotional and legal. After a divorce, you family may get broken even more. Often, it seems scary and overwhelming.

When you get all your expectations in order and get well-equipped with the right information, you may ease your divorce experience. The supreme court of New York handles all the divorce cases. Similarly, it is only a Judge of the Supreme Court who is allowed to end the marriage by signing the Judgement of Divorce.

What about custody? Is it necessary? According to Worthy, the divorce may be uncontested or contested. The divorcing couples may address issues such as custody, child support, or visitation. Until the divorcing couple comes into an agreement on the care, the Supreme Court judge may not sign the Judgment of Divorce. Consequently, in an uncontested divorce where no child is under 21, the couples can employ the DIY Uncontested Divorce Program. To settle the child custody, visit a lawyer before heading to the Supreme Court.

Will you support your divorced spouse? While married, the couples in New York must help each other financially. When you are married in New York, you are required to offer indefinite support to your partner. When divorced, you may continue giving your partner alimony, depending on the Supreme Court of New York’s decision. However, when you are earning more than your partner, the court requires that you pay them some alimony regularly at an agreed period.

How will your properties end up? When divorced, the court decides that your properties get separated equally between the divorced couple.

The information provided is for educational purposes only, avoid taking it as legal advice.