Marriage should be a blissful union between two people, but it doesn’t always work out like that in the end. Years later, you may feel like you made a mistake. This feeling is not uncommon, and often people begin to consider whether separating from their partner may be the best course of action.

What to do when contemplating a divorce

  • Consider going to couple’s therapy. Before deciding to end your marriage, it may be worth putting in time and effort to see if you and your partner can save it. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to fix your relationship, but there may be issues that can be resolved and overcome.
  • Create a support network. Divorce is a stressful process for almost everyone. Having friends and family that understand what you’re going through and are willing to help you along the way is essential. Right now is the time to seek advice and counsel from the closest people in your life.
  • Take stock of your financial situation. If you separate from your spouse, all your finances will be looked at and divided. Having a good understanding before the process begins will be advantageous. It may also be a good idea to open a credit card in your name if you only have joint accounts.
  • If you have kids, think about how you want to parent after a divorce. A separation will certainly affect your children, but you can ease their stress by considering them throughout the entire process. At this stage, thinking about how they will react and what you can do to acclimate them to the idea of a divorce can be helpful. Just don’t announce a separation until you’re sure it’s happening.

Agonizing over whether you should stay in a marriage is hard. Taking time throughout your week to rest and focus on yourself is vital. Assessing the situation as calmly as possible can help you make the right decision.