When a New York family court judge has ordered you to provide child support, falling into arrears on obligations may result in the suspension of your professional license. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a professional or occupational license issued by a New York State governing board may be suspended for delinquencies greater than or equal to four months worth of payments. Reinstatement options are available in the event that you are unable to meet any past-due payment obligations in full within 45 days.

The New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement generally has the authority to enforce court-ordered child support obligations. In cases where the New York DCSE finds a parent in arrears, state officials may seize bank accounts, deny a passport or suspend any professional or occupational licenses. Generally, if you or your ex-spouse have not kept up on a child support obligation, the DCSE mails a notice of arrears.

After receiving a notice of arrears, you may have 45 days to pay the balance in full, make payment arrangements or provide evidence of a financial hardship in a request for an exemption to comply with the order. The state may reinstate a suspended professional or occupational license when the amount in arrears is paid in full or when payment arrangements have been made.

While it might seem unfair to prevent a physician from providing patients with medical services, the state views court-ordered child support payments as a legal obligation. New York considers a failure to make court-ordered child support payments as a contempt of court. The continuous non-payment of child support when an obligator has the means to pay may result in criminal charges with possible jail time.

This information is provided for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as legal advice.