There are many different details you will have to work out during your divorce proceedings in New York. One of those might be alimony. The court may rule that you have to pay support or that you will receive support. In determining the allocation of spousal support, the court takes many things into consideration about you, your spouse and your marriage.

The New York City Bar says any alimony award decision starts with looking at your financial affairs. The court wants to know how equal you are in terms of assets and if any need exists. The whole point of alimony is to help one person maintain a reasonable lifestyle after the divorce and to prevent hardship. So, if the court sees an unfair balance between how you will live after the divorce, then the chances are high it will award alimony.

The court will also consider how long you were married and what your lifestyle was like during the marriage. It will factor in things like how old you each are, skills and abilities to obtain employment, what you each did for income during the marriage and the care of any children you have. The court may also consider if one spouse will lose health insurance coverage or if a spouse will have an increase in expenses because of the divorce.

You should note that alimony is separate from child support. Even if you pay child support, you may still have to pay an additional amount for spousal support. This information is for education and is not legal advice.