When it comes time to divide property in a divorce, some couples find it much more difficult than others. This is no surprise, as it is never easy to face the facts of parting with belongings. A common issue that arises in many cases is that one spouse may feel as though the other does not deserve to get certain assets. Ultimately in these situations, if mediation does not work, a judge may have to step in and make the final call.

Not only do assets have to be divided in a divorce, debts and other liabilities must be divided as well. The process that the judge uses to complete property division is referred to as equitable distribution. Some of the factors that the court will consider to make sure assets and liabilities are divided fairly include assessing the length of the marriage, the contribution to assets and debts by each spouse, the income of each spouse, the age and health of each spouse, the custody arrangement, among many other factors. Even though the judge might not make decisions that one or both of the spouses agree with, this may still be the most efficient way to complete such a contested matter.

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