Child support is the court-ordered payments made by a noncustodial parent, to the custodial parent, to help support the parents’ child or children.  If either parent’s circumstances change, he or she may be able to request that the court modify their court-ordered child support obligation.

Changes in Circumstances May Warrant a Change in Child Support Order

Either parent can request that a current child support order be modified.  The order may be modified either upward, which would increase the child support amount, or downward, which would decrease the obligation.  There are three specific reasons why a court may consider a modification of a child support order:

  1. Substantial change in circumstances. If there have been substantial changes in the cost of raising the couple’s child or children, or to a parent’s income, the court may consider a request to modify child support.
  2. Three years have passed since the child support order was entered, modified or adjusted. A parent can seek an upward or downward modification of a child support order once three years as passed.
  3. Involuntary change in either parent’s income by 15{d7ad8d91dcbc6c5f909cae8a9a63c8e9cbd63938c628b2b59a791ba818aca75d} or more. If a parent has suffered a decrease in income, at no fault or choice of their own, the parent may seek a modification.

Do I Need Documentation for my Modification?

You should be prepared to provide any documentation to the court that could prove or support your request for a modification.  The new information and documentation is important because it can help a judge determine a new satisfactory child support amount.

If you plan to request a modification of your existing child support order, consult with an experienced family law attorney who can help you work towards an outcome that you desire.

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