When you are getting divorced, you may have to participate in a deposition. This also applies to many other legal matters. A deposition allows the other side the opportunity to gather information through an interview with yourself and your attorney. They will ask you a lot of questions regarding your education history, employment status, your work history, your relationship with your children and your family, and more.

Depositions can be long and grueling and may take several hours. Due to the fact that you will be under oath, you must be sure to tell the truth. If you unintentionally gave incorrect information, you should tell your attorney as soon as you realize that you made a mistake. You don’t want to risk losing credibility with the court due to misinformation because that makes you look bad and won’t help you in your case. Your attorney will be at the deposition with you and if they feel as though any of the questions you are asked are unfair, they have the power to object and you may not have to answer.

In the days before your deposition, you should work with your attorney to prepare for the questions that you will be asked. You should also prepare the night before by making sure you have all of the necessary information and that it is factual. Go to sleep early, eat a good breakfast, and bring snacks. You need to make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for your deposition.

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