According to the New York State penal law code, harassment is defined by a person who has the “intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person; if he or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy other such person and which serve no legitimate purpose.” Many parts of the definition also include the victim fearing that the harasser will cause them physical injury. If you believe you are being harassed by an individual, you may want to take legal action against them before the situation gets worse.

If you believe you are in imminent danger of physical injury, you should immediately call 911. However, if you fear that something will happen in the future, you should go to your local police station and report the situation. They may encourage you to file an order of protection against the individual. If the situation is urgent, they can have the court issue an emergency order of protection. An order of protection will prevent the individual from contacting you and any family members you believe may also be at risk.

If the individual who is harassing you is arrested, they can either be charged in the first or the second degree. Harassment in the first degree is a Class B misdemeanor. If the person harassing you is someone you have or had a relationship with or is a family member, you should file your order of protection in family court.

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