When a person is concerned that a child has been put in danger, or is being abused or neglected, it is important that they report the suspected abuse to Child Protective Services. There are certain people who are legally required to report any indications of child abuse to the state because their job falls into the category of being a civil servant.

Those who work in civil service are known as mandatory reporters. If a mandatory reporter fails to give information about their suspicions of abuse to CPS, they can face child endangerment charges for knowing about potential abuse but not doing anything about it. Some professions that are included as a mandated reporter include social workers, police officers, physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, teachers and all school employees, religious employees, hospital personnel, day car workers, EMT’s and any other employee who works in law enforcement, social services, or health care services.

When you report suspected abuse to CPS, they are required to conduct an investigation within 24 hours of receiving information. They have 6 days after the initial 24 hours to determine whether the claim held any weight. They may have to take the child into protective custody to make sure he or she is not subject to any additional abuse or maltreatment.

If you have questions about a CPS case, it is important that you consult with an attorney who has experience in both family and criminal law matters.

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