The summer months in New York City and throughout the state are those with the highest rates of driving while intoxicated. Just before Memorial Day weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an initiative to crack down on those who drive while intoxicated and created a campaign to encourage people not to drive drunk.

What is the Know Your Limit Campaign?

For the weekends between Memorial Day Weekend and Fourth of July, NYPD and DOT Street Teams will be throughout the city encouraging New Yorkers to be smart and safe when they drink. The NYPD will be offering free MetroCards to those who take voluntary breathalyzer tests as well as $10 off rides for a new Curb app to make sure everyone gets home safe. Curb will give a $10 credit to those who download the app between 10 pm and 4 am on Friday or Saturday night for the next three weeks and connects New Yorkers with 13,000 taxis to bring them home safe.

This program is beneficial for New Yorkers because it allows those who consume alcohol to become aware of their blood alcohol content in an opportunity that they would usually not have. The easier access to New York City taxis and free MetroCards encourages New Yorkers to make sure they get home safely. In addition, this not only protects those that consume alcohol and need to get home safely, but also protects anyone else who may be driving or walking throughout New York’s streets.

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