When a couple makes the decision to adopt a child and expand their family, it is a very simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking time. Prospective parents want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and that in a few months, they can officially finalize the adoption. In order to do so, the adoptive parents will have to go through a series of interviews and other steps to determine their eligibility as to if they will be good parents. One of the biggest portions of the adoption process is the home study.

Home studies are administered by the adoption agencies and the prospective parents and any existing family. This is generally the third step in the adoption process, after you submit your application to the agency and before the agency finds you a child. Though it sounds like one event, it is actually a number of interviews and meetings with the agency. This is the most important part of the adoption process because the agency does not want to adopt a child to a parent that is unfit to make this commitment and cannot properly care for the child. Many adopted children come from particularly volatile situations and the agency does not want to accentuate any bad situation with an adoption that doesn’t work out. Home studies are conducted by case workers that have been assigned to the prospective parents. The information obtained during the home study is used to pair a child with adoptive parents.

If you have questions regarding the adoption process, it is important that you consult with an experienced family law attorney who can help you get started.

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