With the creation of the Internet, a new breed of crimes came to fruition. These are known as cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are any type of crime that uses the Internet to commit faulty behavior that is considered a crime when committed outside of the Internet. Therefore, cyber crimes cover a massive range of wrongdoings and may even result in federal charges.

Cyber crimes can be anything from computer trespassing to the solicitation of a minor online to pirating movies or music to identity theft. These are all major issues since the Internet has taken over much of the way the world functions. If you are convicted of a computer related crime, you may be facing jail time or serious fines. For example, identity theft can be a federal crime, resulting in prison time, fines, and even the forfeiture of property.

Cyber crimes are no joke.The federal government takes cyber crimes very seriously because they can have such strong effects on not only individuals, but also secret government information and massive corporations. If you are charged with a cyber crime in New York State, you will require an experienced and dedicated attorney who can fight for your rights. A good attorney can work to try and lessen the charges or the consequences that you are facing.

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