If you are looking into the possibilities of adopting a child, it is important to be aware of the various types of adoptions that you can consider, because there are several. One type of adoption is an agency adoption, and those agencies can help you obtain a child internationally or domestically here in the United States, and depending on their criteria, depending on the availability of a child, you have to go through the process that they set up – home studies, background checks, things like that – so that you can be available to adopt a child, and as soon as they have a child that they believe will fit, they will reach out and contact you.

There are also private adoptions where someone does not want to keep a child that she is about to have based on whatever her personal circumstances are, and she is willing to give that child up for adoption to maybe friends of the family or someone who knows someone, and at the juncture when you bring the matter before the court, all of the home studies and so forth come into play for that.

There are step-parent adoptions where the child that you have from a prior relationship or a prior marriage, the other parent is no longer involved in that child’s life – was never involved in that child’s life – and your new spouse wants to adopt that child and make that child part of the family.

There are single parent adoptions. You don’t have to have a spouse to adopt. You can adopt on your own. There’s a remarkable amount of types of adoptions that you can engage in, and if adoption is what you’re interested in doing, then you should come in and see us and talk to us about it.

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