While there is no set time pattern for divorce in the State of New York, it is specifically fact-driven and also changes from county to county. On the average, cases can settle between four and six months. If a case is not settled and is slated for trial from its inception, it is usually tried within twelve to fourteen months. But again, it depends on the severity and the complexity of the case, the facts contained therein, and the particular county where the case may be awaiting trial.

When a case is very complex, some of the factors that can contribute to these complexities include matters of child custody, equitable distribution, division of assets and the division of pensions. Another aspect that could potentially make the divorce take longer is that the division of assets might be extensive because the marriage might be what is known as a vintage marriage, where it lasts more than twenty years. In this situation, it is likely that a couple has a large number of assets together. On the other hand, a marriage that has not lasted for very many years might not have a lot of shared assets and no children might be a relatively expeditious divorce process. If you are considering filing for divorce from your spouse, it is important to seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney to determine what your next steps should be.

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