Sometimes in a situation of divorce, one spouse is unsure of just how many assets their spouse has in their name. This is a cause of concern for certain people because they don’t even know the exact finances of their marriage or what they are or are not entitled to.

The law provided for various discovery tools to enable a person to find out the exact nature, quantity, and value of the other spouse’s assets. There are statements of net worth that are initially drawn up from those statements, and we glean the necessary information. Then, we can subpoena bank accounts. We can subpoena people to examinations before trial, including the spouse, relatives, other employers or employees that they work with.

Ultimately, if it gets to a situation where they are trying to hide their assets, we employ various third-party providers. Personal investigators that assist us, not unlike when I was an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office; the new office of Mario Merola for rackets narcotics. We went after the assets of drug dealers, of the mob and the assets of various other people. If I can find their assets, I’m sure I can find your spouse’s.

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