Generally, for an adoption, you appear in court once; the day of finalization. That is a joyful day, and for the 18 years that I have been doing that type of work I can honestly tell you I never walk away without tears in my eyes for the joy that I have for the parents on the finalization day.

Though it is rare, there is occasionally another appearance that happens before the finalization when the other parent has to be notified; they live in another state. The court has to give them an appropriate amount of time to appear to contest the application for adoption. In many instances, it has been my experience that other person doesn’t show up, but if that other person shows up to contest the adoption, it then becomes their burden to prove to the court why the adoption shouldn’t happen.

In any adoption, the judge will want to do what is in the best interest of the child and if the judge decides that this adoption should take place and the adoptive parent is suitable, they will approve it.

If they have been a non-presence in the child’s life, the court will always look to the best interest of the child, and do what is best for the child. If you have any questions about the adoption process and would like to come in for a free legal consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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