Cortlandt Family Law and Criminal Attorney

Representing Cortlandt clients facing family law matters and criminal charges

Penichet & Alberga LLP serves the people of Cortlandt, Westchester County and all of New York with passionate and effective legal representation. Our White Plains legal team handles all family law matters, including divorce, spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, adoption, domestic violence, property distribution, and more. Penichet & Alberga LLP advocates for the needs of those who have more complicated family matters, including those involved in high net worth divorces, military divorces, and divorces with a business. Our earnest legal team also constructs and implements strong legal defenses for clients facing criminal charges, including DWIs, larceny, violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, child endangerment, cyber crimes, and homicide. If you face a family law or criminal defense matter and need the assistance of a law firm known for its years of success and excellence, contact Penichet & Alberga LLP for a consultation.

Cortlandt, New York

Penichet & Alberga LLP is honored to serve clients from Cortlandt, New York with effective and dedicated representation regarding family and criminal law. Cortlandt is a delightful town located in Westchester County, New York. It is situated on the eastern banks of the Hudson River. Cortlandt residents enjoy the quiet suburban life. Luckily for residents and visitors alike, Cortlandt has set aside 26{d7ad8d91dcbc6c5f909cae8a9a63c8e9cbd63938c628b2b59a791ba818aca75d} of its land for open spaces, including parks and various land preservation institutes. Centered on families, the town offers easy access to New York City for those who want to enjoy some quiet time.

Commuting from Cortlandt to White Plains

Our Cortlandt clients enjoy the easy commute to our firm located on Grand Street in White Plains. Located about 20 miles from White Plains, our clients often take NY-9A to reach our office. When Cortlandt residents get to our office they are satisfied with the ease of parking and thrilled they picked the right law firm. Cortlandt, New York residents should not hesitate to contact Penichet & Alberga LLP for quality legal services regarding family law and criminal matters.